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If You Don’t Want To Rely On Medication For Your Health, Then See Me

You do not need to get a referral from your doctor before you visit an osteopath.

We know what you are going through and because of this we can help you by offering advice and treatment on the following conditions;

Undiagnosed pain or symptoms, Chronic or Acute pain, Exercise and rehabilitation, Facility to get a private x-ray or scan (not in clinic), Repetitive strain and Computer hump, Arthritic symptoms, Difficulty walking, Knee and leg pain, Back problems, Neck pain, Work related disorders, Sports injuries, Tennis elbow, Ergonomic advice, Post operation treatment and advice

osteo consultation

If you have one of these problems or anything similar and need treatment or advice, please call me for an informal chat

Look after yourself……….book a check up!

You go to the dentist and doctor regularly for a check up, so why not visit me at the Osteopathic clinic in Flixton, Manchester? We are musculoskeletal specialists! 

We are PPP/AVIVA recognised

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